Current Affairs This Week (19-03-2023)

  • Arctic Seed Vault

    The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a secure backup facility for the world’s crop diversity on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen. The Seed Vault provides long-term storage of duplicates of seeds conserved in genebanks around the world (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin
    The International Criminal Court on Friday issued an arrest warrant for war crimes for President Vladimir Putin and a second Russian official. The court says Putin bears individual criminal responsibility for the abduction and deportation of Ukrainian children since Russia’s full-scale invasion began in February last year (Source: The Indian Express)
  • Barda Wildlife Sanctuary
    Gujarat’s Barda pitched as new home for lions, to be moved from Gir – The Gujarat government has proposed a second home for Asiatic lions in Gujarat at Barda Wildlife Sanctuary, about 100km away from their present home which is over-crowded at Gir National Park (Source: The Hindustan Times)
  • UN Water Conference
    he first UN Water Conference in almost five decades is taking place in New York on 22-24 March, co-hosted by the Netherlands and Tajikistan. The goal of the conference is to ensure the sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.
  • Cyclone Freddy
    Very Intense Tropical Cyclone Freddy was an exceptionally long-lived, powerful, and deadly storm that traversed the southern Indian Ocean for more than five weeks in February and March 2023. Freddy is both the longest-lasting and highest-ACE-producing tropical cyclone ever recorded worldwide (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Everything Everywhere All At Once
    Oscars 2023: Everything Everywhere All At Once cleans up with seven awards. Michelle Yeoh became the first Asian woman to win best actress. (Source:
  • Quote of the week
    With love, water is enough; without love, food doesn’t satisfy – Chinese proverb.

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