Current Affairs This Week (17-01-2021)

  • Sea-Vigil 21

    The Indian Navy’ defence exercise covering the country’s 7516 km coastline and exclusive economic zone.
    Billed as India’s largest coastal defence exercise, it will involve all the 13 coastal states and Union Territories along with other maritime stakeholders (Source: The Print)

  • Coronavirus vaccine: India begins world’s biggest drive
    A sanitation worker became the first Indian to receive a Covid vaccine as the country began the world’s largest inoculation drive.
    Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the programme, which aims to vaccinate more than 1.3 billion people against Covid. (Source:
  • Brian Acton

    Brian Acton is an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur. Acton is the executive chairman of the Signal Foundation, which he co-founded with Moxie Marlinspike in 2018 (Source: Wikipedia)

  • Quote of the week
    He who has a why to live can bear almost any how. – Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche was a German philosopher, cultural critic, composer, poet, writer, and philologist whose work has exerted a profound influence on modern intellectual history. (Source: Wikipedia)

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