Current Affairs This Week (13-05-2018)

  • Green licence plates for private electric vehicles
    The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has approved green licence plates bearing numbers in white fonts for private e-vehicles and yellow for taxis to promote electric vehicles (e-vehicles) in India.
  • India’s installed clean energy capacity touched 70 GW
    India is progressing fast in areas of renewable energy and it is committed to meeting target of having 175 GW renewable energy (100GW Solar, 60 GW Wind, 10 GW Biomass and 5 GW Hydro) by 2022.
  • MP launches 1st Integrated Control & Command Centre
    Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Ltd. (BSCDCL) has launched India’s first cloud-based Common Integrated Data Centre, Disaster RecoveryCentre and Integrated Control and Command Centre (ICCC).
  • Scientists comes up with new sheep insemination technique
    Scientists at Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute (CSWRI), Avikanagar, Rajasthan have come up with new laparascope-assisted insemination insemination technique for sheep breeding.
  • New species of shieldtail snake discovered in Western Ghats
    Scientists have discovered a new species of shieldtail snake named Bhupathy’s shieldtail from the Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu. It is presently only known to exist in Anaikatty hills of Tamil Nadu which is dominated by deciduous type of vegetation.
  • Hidden reserves of water ice: under surface of moon
    Scientists from Tohoku University in Japan have found mineral called moganite in lunar meteorite that point to presence of abundant hidden reserves of water ice under the surface of the moon
  • Developed a vaccine for leptospirosis
    Researchers from Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre, Gandhinagar have successfully identified key peptide that can be used to develop a new preventive vaccine against leptospirosis.
  • NASA launches robotic lander to explore Mars
    NASA launched first-ever InSight (Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport) lander dedicated to exploring the deep interior of Mars.
  • World’s second oldest rock is from Odisha
    A rock sample recovered nearly eight years ago from Champua in Odisha’s Kendujhar district has put India at the forefront of geological research in the world. Scientists have found in the rock a grain of magmatic zircon that is an estimated 4,240 million years old.
  • Hawaii volcano could be building up to big eruption
    Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano that has been oozing lava and burping steam for days may be gearing up for a huge eruption, scientists have warned, prompting the closure of Volcanoes National Park.
  • Doctor removes tumour from hawksbill sea turtle
    Mumbai: A 35-year-old hawksbill sea turtle from Taraporewala Aquarium has been operated for a tumour, equal to the size of a tennis ball, above his left eye. This is a first such case in India.
  • Mrinalini Sarabhai
    She was also the first Indian to receive the medal and Diploma of the French association Archives Internationales de la Danse. She was the founder of the Darpana Academy of Performing Arts, an institute for imparting training in dance, drama, music and puppetry, in the city of Ahmedabad.
  • What happens when the robots sound too much like humans?
    Google showed off a computer assistant that makes convincingly human-sounding phone calls, at least in its prerecorded demonstration. But the real people in those calls didn’t seem to be aware they were talking to a machine. That could present thorny issues for the future use of AI.
  • Kerala gets its first legally married transgender couple
    Thiruvananthapuram: In a landmark day for the state of Kerala, the state today witnessed it first legally registered wedding of a trans-couple, who have done sex affirmation surgeries.
  • Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future
    National Technology Day is being observed across India on May 11 to mark India’s technological advancements and to promote the development of technology in various fields. The official theme for this year is “Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future”.
  • Commission approves modern animal-free testing for drugs
    Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission (IPC) has in its 2018 edition of Indian Pharmacopoeia approved modern, animal-free tests for drug manufacturers. It will spare animals from suffering due to drug experiments.
  • Google launches Android Things for IoT platform
    Alphabet Inc’s Google launched Android Things (codenamed Brillo), a variant (or spinoff) of Android operating system for Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as smart home appliances and other smart machines.
  • Pokhran II, twenty years later
    Twenty years ago, on May 11, 1998, India took a leap into the unknown world of nuclear weapon powers with the tests at Pokhran. Though the decision was taken after great deliberation and with preparation, how the reaction of the world would affect the future of India was unknown.
  • Artificial intelligence
    Artificial intelligence (AI, also machine intelligence, MI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence (NI) displayed by humans and other animals. In computer science AI research is defined as the study of “intelligent agents”.



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