Current Affairs This Week (31-12-2017)

  • LKW-2: China successfully launches Land Surveying Satellite
    China has successfully launched its second Land Surveying Satellite LKW-2 (also known as Yaogan Weixing-32) into a preset orbit from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the Gobi desert.
  • New frog species identified in Arunachal
    The new species found in Talle Valley Wildlife Sanctuary has been named Odorrana arunachalensis . They are expected to be found in similar habitats in other parts of the State.
  • AG600: World’s largest amphibious aircraft
    Giant plane is roughly the size of a Boeing 737 and hasa wingspan of 38.8 metres (127 feet).
    Powered by four turboprop engines, it’s capable of carrying 50 people and can stay airborne for 12 hours.
  • Maharashtra tops in GST collection in first five months
    Maharashtra has topped in GST collections, mopping up more than Rs13,400 crore in July — the first month after the new tax came into force.
  • December 25: Good Governance Day
    The Good Governance Day (GGD) is celebrated every year in India on December 25 to mark the birthday anniversary of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Good Governance Day was established in 2014 to honor Prime Minister Vajpayee by fostering awareness among the Indian people of accountability in government.
  • BND-4201: India’s first home-grown gold reference standard
    BND-4201, which is the reference material for gold of ‘9999’ fineness (gold that is 99.99 per cent pure), will be beneficial to the consumers and public at large to ensure purity of gold.
  • India’s first air-conditioned suburban train service
    The train, operated by the Western Railway (WR), began its journey at 10.32 am from the Borivili station to Churchgate in South Mumbai.
  • India to become fifth largest economy in 2018: Report
    India’s economy is expected to overtake that of Britain and France to become the fifth largest in the world in dollar terms in 2018, and third largest in 2032, the World Economic League Table (WELT) said on 27 December.
  • India’s first pod taxi to follow US safety norms
    The much-awaited India’s first pod taxi project has moved a step closer to reality after a high-level panel recommended inviting fresh bids for the same conforming to the strictest safety standards on the lines of those prescribed by an American body.
  • Viswanathan Anand wins World Chess title 2017
    Chess grandmaster Viswanathan Anand (48) won World Rapid Chess Championship Title 2017 held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In the final tie-breaker mini-match, Anand defeated Russia’s Vladimir Fedoseev by 2-0 score to reclaim title he had won in 2003.
  • China successfully tested its first Photovoltaic road
    China successfully tested its first photovoltaic highway based on home-grown technology in the country’s eastern Shandong province. The road has wireless charging systems for electric vehicles.
  • New species of marine spider named after Bob Marley
    The species of water-adapted spider was first discovered in the year 2009, when the sea along the coastline of Queensland in Australia receded and revealed the population of spider.
  • First-ever ‘double whirlpools’ popping up in southern oceans
    Double whirlpools spiral through the water up to 10 times faster than their single counterparts.They churn in opposite directions, but are connected underwater by a u-shaped vortex — which holds them together.
  • Kuvempu : First Kannada author to receive the Jnanpith award
    Kuppali Venkatappa Puttappa (29 December 1904 – 11 November 1994),popularly known by his pen name Kuvempu, was an Indian novelist, poet, playwright, critic and thinker. He is widely regarded as the greatest Kannada poet of the 20th century.
  • microRNAs : Injectable gel that helps regrow heart muscles
    Scientists have found a way to regrow the heart muscle that doesn’t regenerate on its own after a person experiences a heart attack. This injectable gel slowly releases short gene sequences known as microRNAs into the heart muscle.
  • Mirabai Chanu wins gold at World Weightlifting Championship
    Mirabai Chanu has clinched gold at the 2017 World Weightlifting Championship. Chanu has become the first Indian in over two decades to claim a gold medal at the World Weightlifting Championship in Anaheim, USA.
  • Artificial intelligence diagnoses asthma,identifies subtypes
    Using machine learning, a field closely related to artificial intelligence, upon nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectra of exhaled breath condensate, Delhi-based researchers have been able to improve the diagnosis of childhood asthma and even identify three asthma subtypes.
  • IIT-H: E-skin for motion monitoring
    The device can be used for human motion monitoring in the case of elderly and infants. The e-skin is sensitive, it can sense even a gentle touch. An electronic skin (e-skin) that simultaneously senses pressure and strain has been fabricated using a PVC-free pencil eraser.
  • ISRO to launch 31 satellites in one go aboard PSLV
    The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on said it would launch 31 satellites, including India’s Cartosat-2 series earth observation space craft, in a single mission on January 10.
  • First-ever hybrid bird species from the Amazon discovered
    Scientists have discovered the 1st known hybrid bird species to be found in the Amazon rainforest – a golden-crowned manakin with yellow feathers. A hybrid species forms when two parental species mate.



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