Current Affairs This Week (19-06-2016)

  • Peter Thomson elected as President of UNGA
    Peter elected as President of 71st session of United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). With this, Peter becomes the first representative from the Pacific island to get elected for the largely honorific post in the UN’s 71-year history.
  • Jupiter-like planet orbiting two suns discovered
    Scientists, using NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope, have discovered a Jupiter-like planet orbiting a system of two stars, making it the largest such cosmic body ever found. Kepler-1647 is 3,700 light-years away and 4.4 billion years old.
  • Government Launches Scheme for setting up 1000 MW CTU
    Govt has launched Scheme for setting up of 1000 MW Wind Power Project connected to transmission network of Central Transmission Utility (CTU) with an objective to facilitate supply of wind power to the non-windy states.
  • First mammal species wiped out by climate change
    Human-caused climate change appears to have driven, a small rodent that lives on a tiny island, being completely wiped-out. It is also the first recorded extinction of a mammal anywhere in the world due to human-caused climate change.
  • President Pranab Mukherjee receives highest civilian award
    President Pranab Mukherjee has been presented National Order of the Republic of Ivory Coast, the highest civilian award of the West African country. With this, Mr Mukherjee’s became the first Indian President to visit Ivory Coast.
  • India, Ghana sign 3 pacts
    Three bilateral agreements to strengthen co-operation in varied fields.The signed agreements include one for visa waivers for holders of diplomatic and official passports and one for setting up a Joint Commission.
  • RBI introduces Scheme for Stressed Assets
    The RBI has issued guidelines called Scheme for Sustainable Structuring of Stressed Assets (S4A). The guidelines is to (i) Strengthen the lenders’ ability to deal with stressed assets and (ii) Put real assets back on track of entities.
  • Hubble Space Telescope Spots Solitary Dwarf Galaxy
    NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has uncovered a mysterious solitary dwarf galaxy known as UGC 4879. The galaxy is smaller and messier than its cosmic cousins and lacks the majestic swirl of a spiral or the coherence of an elliptical.
  • Justice Rakesh Ranjan Prasad takes charge as Chief Justice
    The senior-most Judge of the Manipur High Court Justice Rakesh Ranjan Prasad has assumed charge of the Chief Justice of the High Court. He succeeded Justice Laxmi Kanta Mohapatra who has relinquished the charge of office.
  • Lewis Hamilton wins 2016 Canada Grand Prix of Formula One
    Lewis Hamilton from Great Britain has 2016 Canada Grand Prix title of Formula One. It was his second title of the season after winning 2016 Monaco Grand Prix in May 2016. This was Hamilton’s fifth Canada Grand Prix title in his career.
  • Four new elements in Periodic table get names
    The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) has announced four new elements that were added in periodic table in January 2016.These new elements are Nihonium (Nh), Moscovium (Mc), Tennessine (Ts), and Oganesson (Og).
  • Norway Becomes World’s First Country to Ban Deforestation
    Norway has become the first country to ban deforestation. The Norwegian Parliament pledged that the government’s public procurement policy will be deforestation-free.
  • China launches 23rd navigation satellite
    China has successfully launched 23rd BeiDou Navigation Satellite
    to support its global navigation and positioning network which is being developed to rival the US Global Positioning System.
  • Indian-American win Dublin International literary award
    Indian-American author Akhil Sharma has won the International Dublin Literary Award for his semi-autobiographical novel “Family Life.” His novel was shortlisted out of an initial 160 nominations.
  • Scientists turn CO2 into rock to combat climate change
    Scientists have turned carbon dioxide into stone in a matter of months by pumping it deep underground, offering a revolutionary new way of storing the greenhouse gas to tackle climate change.
  • Saina clinches second Australian Open title
    Indian Badminton Star Saina Nehwal clinchéd her second Australian Open title after she notched up the win in final against Sun Yu of China at Australian Open Super Series badminton tournament in Sydney.
  • India Post issues first My Stamp on ecommerce
    This is the first time that the Department of Post has released ‘My Stamp’ to commemorate with an ecommerce marketplace.
    My Stamp are customised stamp on which any one can get their photo published on one side.
  • Sikkim launches open government data portal
    Sikkim claimed to become the first state in India to have an open government data portal.Purpose:
    Updating data regarding Organic and agricultural and other activities in the portal
  • Rod Stewart knighted by Queen Elizabeth II
    Rocker Rod Stewart has been knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in her annual Birthday Honors List, which also included recognition for astronaut Tim Peake and ‘Downton Abbey’ star Penelope Wilton.
  • NITI Aayog to set up 500 ‘Atal’ Tinkering Labs in schools
    To cultivate scientific temperament and a spirit of innovation in young minds, the Govt has decided to set Atal Tinkering Labs (ATL) in schools. The vision of the scheme is to ‘Cultivate 1 Million children in India as Neoteric Innovators’.
  • Polio virus found in Hyderabad
    The Telangana govt sounded a ‘global emergency’ after an active strain of wild polio virus (P2 strain) was detected in a water sample collected from a drain, prompting it to airlift two lakh vaccines to innoculate more than 3 lakh children
  • More Indian kids stunted than the world average
    According to a report on global nutrition India has doubled the rate of stunting reduction in the past decade, which is significant as India is home to one-third of the world’s stunted children.
  • India’s 1st case of Harlequin Ichthyosis
    With the birth of a baby girl in Nagpur, India has reportedly recorded its first ever case of a baby born with a rare genetic disorder called ‘Harlequin Ichthyosis‘. The disease, causes thickening of the skin all over the body.
  • North Korea Ryugyong Hotel is world’s tallest building
    North Korea’s Ryugyong Hotel is the world’s tallest unoccupied building, according to Guinness World Records. The 105-storey pyramid-shaped skyscraper is 330 metre high.
  • Methane leak spotted from space for first time
    Methane emissions from a specific leaking facility on Earth’s surface have been measured by an instrument on board an orbiting spacecraft for the first time. The observation has been done by the Hyperion spectrometer on NASA’s (EO-1).
  • World’s first passenger drone
    The world’s first passenger drone capable of autonomously carrying a person in the air for 23 minutes has been given clearance for testing in Nevada.
  • A New World: Rio 2016 official slogan
    The Rio 2016 organising committee has revealed the official slogan for the first Olympic and Paralympic Games in South America: ‘A New World’. The core values of the slogan is unity, respect for diversity and the will for change.
  • Cabinet clears Civil aviation policy, replaces 5/20 rule
    Union cabinet amidst hectic solicitation for months eventually cleared the much awaited Civil Aviation Policy. The new policy by the civil ministry as proposed has been framed considering the convenience of airline passengers.
  • Sunil Mittal appointed as the new Chairman of ICC
    ICC, world’s largest business organisation, has over 6.5 million members in over 130 countries and Mittal has been selected as its 51st chairman, being only the third Indian to hold the position.

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